Dr. Molayem is a widely recognized Periodontist & Implant Surgeon Providing Life-Changing Dentistry to his Patients

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for Gum Disease & Covid-19 Study

10 years
of practice

dental implants

Founder of UCLA & USC JOURNALS of Dental Research

Dr. Molayem Travels Throughout
California Treating Patients

Licensed in California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona


  • Piezo Can safely do procedures without hitting nerves and sinus tissue
  • Alloderm Tissue: which avoids the palate as a donor site for treatment of gum recession
  • Emdogain Biologic: growth factor to aid in healing and improve results
  • Head Light/Loupes: The added light and magnification allows him to see extra details
  • Magnetic Mallet: first five dentists in California who has this technology. Non-Invasive, helps extract easier, place implants, sinus lifts, & expand the bone.
  • Futudent Camera Documentation: Documents challenging cases to teach other dentists. By taking photos and videos of many of his procedures, he is constantly reviewing his cases with his peers and can selfcritique his procedures.
  • Centrifuge Machine: to collect ‘Stem Cells’ and growth factors from patient’s blood to increase healing potential and decrease post-operative pain and healing time

“My mentality is that I am always looking to be even better than I was the day before.”

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