Life Changing Dentistry

Dr. Molayem believes that Oral health is intimately interconnected to the overall health of an individual.

Dr. Molayem’s Focus on Life Changing Dentistry

Dr. Molayem has spent the last decade resolving patient issues directly related to periodontal disease. After working on 1000s of cases, he decided to take a step back and look at the overall person’s health; focusing on the interaction of oral health to the overall function and health of the mind and body. As an oral surgeon, his abilities and surgical skills resolve perio disease, as well as cosmetic appearance of the tooth and gums. Although enhancing the person’s esthetic and appearance is fruitful, he began to experience that with each procedure, he was changing a person’s life. His philosophy expanded to not just focus on the smile, but the overall health – the smile’s function and interconnectivity to mind, body, and spirit.

Because of this, he has made Functional Dentistry the focus of practice.

He wants his patients to not only want to benefit from the enhancements in their appearance, and reduce pain but to ensure they live a better life than they had ever imagined. He has made his mission to create the following solutions for his patients:

  • removing infection
  • reduce blood pressure
  • increasing energy allowing patients to spend time happier with loved ones, exercise & cardiovascular health, and achieve fitness goals
  • improvement in sleep - fight off dementia and other long term neurological issues that can stem from gum disease and neglect of oral health
  • boost the immune system, patients can fight off viruses, colds, and other ailments with a healthier immune system
  • breathing better through the nose – patients who maintain their oral health, breathe easier leading to greater long term health
  • improved digestion - chewing comfortably and proper leads to better digestion, a healthier gut positively effects a person’s mood in a positive manner
  • happier and better self-esteem - oral health leads to greater confidence and better chances of getting a job, or accomplishing personal aspirations

As you can see, there is a huge difference between conventional dentistry and functional dentistry. If you’re looking for functional dentists who care about your dental health and overall health, please call us at (424) 382-0290. We take the time to get to know our patients so that we can offer them a holistic treatment that saves them time and money.

Dr. Molayem Is A Widely Recognized And Respected Periodontist & Implant Surgeon

Focusing His Time And Energy In Providing Life-Changing Dentistry To His Patients

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