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Functional dentists investigate chronic (ongoing) pain by checking their patients’ teeth, nerves, muscles, jaws, airway, breathing, sleeping habits and more.

A good example of chronic pain is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching. A conventional dentist might give a patient a night guard to wear while sleeping. A functional dentist will search for the causes of the teeth grinding and jaw clenching by going the extra mile and checking the patient’s medical history, present medical condition, current medications, X-Rays, and blood tests. Once the cause is discovered, the problem can be correctly treated and prevented from happening again.

A functional dentist may ask a patient what types of food he or she eats because sugar, carbs, and highly acidic foods can create plaque, contribute to bacteria growth, lead to tooth decay, and cause gum disease.

Functional dentistry also looks beyond diet. Gum disease can be worsened by an autoimmune disease, high blood sugar (type 2 diabetes) and high levels of inflammation. A functional dentist may refer a patient to a doctor for some underlying medical issues.

Functional dentistry tries to avoid using toxic materials such as mercury or nickel in tooth fillings, which can cause gum inflammation. Functional dentists often use non-toxic materials such as composite or gold for fillings.

Functional dentistry focuses on the root causes of dental problems and creates an individualized care plan for each person. Each patient is unique because each dental condition is unique.

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