Functional Dentist Vs Conventional Dentist – Los Angeles

Let’s look at a functional dentist vs a conventional dentist in the following ways;

Most conventional dentists simply treat dental symptoms, but functional dentists use evidence-based medicine to look for the root causes of dental problems.

A conventional dentist may tell you to brush, floss and get cleanings twice a year. A functional dentist will do all that, but will also examine your eating and lifestyle habits that may be causing your dental pain.

A conventional dentist will often use toxic fillings such as mercury or nickel on your teeth, while a functional dentist will avoid toxic materials when doing fillings. A functional dentist strives to keep the original tooth structure.

Conventional dentistry may treat decay with only fillings, while functional dentistry will repair the tooth and investigate what is actually causing your tooth decay so that you can avoid future procedures.

Functional dentistry tries non-invasive treatments first so that patients do not have to depend on aggressive treatments.

The goal of functional dentistry is total body health. That’s because other medical issues can affect your mouth’s health. 

You have all the reasons to choose a functional dentist like Dr. Shervin Molayem who believes that oral health is intimately interconnected to the overall health of an individual. Reach Dr. Molayem via (424) 382-0290