Is a Gum Graft Procedure Painful?

A gum graft is performed by an oral surgeon who removes healthy gum tissue from the mouth and uses it to build gum in area where it has receded.

Gum recession is when gum tissue pulls away from a tooth and exposes the tooth’s root. This usually happens slowly, and many people may not notice that their gums have receded.

An exposed tooth root can cause tooth sensitivity, and, if not treated, cause severe gum disease and tooth loss. A gum tissue graft can repair the damage to the gum and help prevent future damage.

People can also have a gum graft done for a cosmetic reason such as improving their smile.

Before starting, the oral surgeon will inject a local painkiller so that the gum graft procedure does not hurt. The oral surgeon then lifts up some of the existing gum to expose the root of the tooth and clean it. Now it’s time for the actual gum graft surgery.