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What to Expect During Your Visit to A Functional Dentist in Los Angeles

Are you wanting a dentist that values your overall health? Then visiting a functional dentist in Los Angeles like Dr. Molayem may be right for you. Dr. Moyalem is passionate about helping patients get to the root of what is causing their pain or infection.

How a Functional Dentist Can Help

Functional dentists investigate chronic (ongoing) pain by checking their patients’ teeth, nerves, muscles, jaws, airways, breathing, sleeping habits, and more.

A good example of chronic pain is excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching. A conventional dentist might give a patient a nightguard to wear while sleeping. However, if the patient has sleep apnea (not getting enough oxygen while sleeping), a night guard could partially block the patient’s airway and actually make a bad situation worse.

With functional dentistry, Dr. Moyalem tries to avoid using toxic materials such as mercury or nickel in tooth fillings, which can cause gum inflammation. Functional dentists often use non-toxic materials such as composite or gold for fillings.

Functional dentistry also educates patients on correct brushing and flossing techniques. By using education, functional dentists can teach patients how to care for their dental health on their own. This means fewer procedures in the dental office. It is always in the best interest of the patient to keep his, or her, teeth and gums healthy.

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