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Dr. Molayem believes that Oral health is intimately interconnected to the overall health of an individual.

Meet his research team

Carla Pontes, PhD, MSc, DDS

Carla Pontes is a Brazilian dentist and researcher with a MSc and a PhD in Periodontology from the Univ. of Copenhagen. After having lived in Denmark for 8 years, she relocated to South Africa, where she current lives. Her experience as a dental researcher and scientific writer is vast, having published in various international journals. She is passionate about the connection between oral and general health and holistic approaches to health. In her free time, she is an amateur artist, loves animals and adventures in nature with her family.

Dr. Michael Escusa, DMD

Michael Escusa is a Filipino Dentist who Graduated Doctor of Dental Medicine from Lyceum-Northwestern University. Lives in Subic Bay, Philippines and has been working as an Executive Assistant to Dr. Shervin Molayem for the past year. He plays with his band in his free time and does a lot of research and reading.

Dr. Renard Ruigi Anatalio, DMD

Dr. Renard Ruigi Anatalio is a foreign trained dentist from Makati City, Philippines living in the United States. He earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree in 2019 at Centro Escolar University - Makati and is currently working towards his dental license in the U.S. Dr. Renard has also co-published the research entitled " The Antimicrobial Effect Of Tawa-Tawa (Euphorbia Hirta) Plant Extract Against Three Oral Pathogenic Microorganisms". He has a passion for discovery and curious to find solutions to problems.

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