Dr. Molayem believes that Oral health is intimately interconnected to the overall health of an individual.

Dr. Molayem has a minimally invasive approach to his treatments.

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He also prefers to save teeth as long as possible versus doing extractions. When a tooth does more harm to the body than good, he may extract a tooth. He takes into account the systemic effects of bacteria that originate in the gums and teeth. He has embraced the newest techniques and advances in his field in order to give the best possible results.

Dr. Molayem's passion is to help patients prevent oral complications as opposed to just managing the symptoms of the disease. He focuses on the root causes of all oral health complications and their relation to chronic illnesses. He educates his patients about nutrition and lifestyle habits to help them prevent major oral health complications.

Dr. Molayem Is A Widely Recognized And Respected Periodontist & Implant Surgeon

Focusing His Time And Energy In Providing Life-Changing Dentistry To His Patients

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